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ESA is a Mission Driven Academy for Public Speaking that specializes in helping speakers, trainers, authors, coaches, and people who have a story to share with the world, become highly influential communicators and in-demand speakers. We help you build an exceptional speaking career that turns your impact into income.

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(Our In-Person Weekend Course RECORDED LIVE!)

Taking this course will give you EVERYTHING YOU NEED to successfully build your career as a public speaker or a seminar business selling your own programs.

After Completing This Course You Will:

  • Know your story that you will share with the world
  • Clearly know your message and the right target audience for you
  • Have the templates and system to launch your own workshop/event
  • Fill your events with little/no money spent
  • Fill your calendar with booked speaking engagements
  • Know how to captivate any audience
  • So much more...
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Take a look at our program guide to learn about our mission, our curriculum philosophy and an insight to what you learn on each day at our in-person weekend course.

Build Your Online Business

The EASIEST Online Course You'll Ever Take On Building An Online Business!

  • Want to build and lead an online community that learns from you on a continuous basis?
  • Want to earn a substantial amount of passive income every month?
  • Want to get your message and teachings out to millions of people around the world?
  • Want to become a social media influencer and work from anywhere you want & whenever you want?

Then this course is for you.

In This Course You Will Learn:

  1. How to convert your Facebook into a business
  2. How to build and set up your own landing page
  3. How to set up an automated email system on Mailchimp
  4. How to design a powerful online program
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